Eradicate Unemployment With Tax Breaks

It always astounds me the amount of people unable to find work no matter how well the economy is performing, there are people who have not been employed for years even during the good times, it seems a shame as they are perfectly fit and able to work and I presume they do want to work! At this moment in time the employment rate is pretty average 5.9% a lot better than a few years ago when it peaked at 10.7 but right now we are talking around 7 million Americans not working.

reduce unemployment

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Better Local Healthcare Options for the Elderly

Healthcare in the USA is now at a record price and there are no signs that it will become more cost effective anytime soon, the USA healthcare system is more complex than ever now we have obamacare added to the mix but it’s a good system if you compare it to other types of healthcare around the world.

American healthcare is a one of the most advanced if not the most leading the way in many fields mainly because of it’s vast funding source and top class facility’s around the country not to mention the well established university’s producing high quality doctors, researches, scientist and nurses year in and year out.

help the agead

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Big Business Funding Smaller Businesses

Small to medium sized businesses have always been and will always be the big businesses of tomorrow you only need to look at the tech industry of the 1970’s – 1980’s with the once tiny start ups Apple and Microsoft, both now huge businesses in their own right providing a wide range of products and services to the entire world and making billions of dollars.

It’s not easy operating a small business in fact it one of the hardest things I have every done I believe it’s a big learning curve for anyone attempting to get an idea off the ground with little or no money but it shouldn’t be this way starting a business should be encouraged by governments not hindered like the reality of starting a small business today.

business funding

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Neighborhood-level Activities to Better Enhance Community Improvement

Improving the community is not only the job of the leaders. Yes, community leaders play a significant role in making sure their community grows progressively. However, every individual in that community has a role to play as well. This is why in making a community better, the leaders are not the only ones who should be working. Every citizen should contribute. Why? Because when the community improves, everyone else benefits from it.

Developing an attitude of sharing is one of the best ways to get the citizens in the community more sociable and sustainable. In an era where we depend so much in the internet, getting neighbors to socialize with one another is actually very important for community improvement.

Neighbor-level activities can act like the best knife sharpener like those found in this site, which sharpens your knife to perfection. The more you conduct such activities the better your community improvement will be, especially in the area of sharing and building relationships.

Here are some great activities that could spark social interaction within the community:

Farmer’s Market

Starting up a farmer’s market allows you and the members of the community to hit two birds with one stone. Not only will the community provide an avenue for farmers to sell their crops; a farmer’s market also allows the residents to socialize with one another. Our society these days is so into Internet. We do almost everything in the Internet including socializing with friends and buying stuff. A farmer’s market can have numerous benefits such as providing an avenue for educating the community on farm related topics.

Skill Share Activity

A skill share is somewhat like a forum where members of the community can share their skills to others. This is an excellent strategy since the sharing part will not be dominated by one individual. Each member of the community will have his turn to share a particular skill. This is a great way to develop a sense of belongingness as each and every member has something to share and learn. The best thing about this strategy is that at the end of the day, not only was socialization achieved but boosting up each member as well.

Community Swap Meets

A swap meet is an event where neighbors are encouraged to share and barter just about anything they can. They can choose to bring everything from an apple pie to a piece of painting. They can even share and barter some services like massage or haircut. The things that would be shared, especially at the first meetings may not be that great but the experience in itself can greatly contribute to building camaraderie among neighbors.


This idea is grounded on the fact that we are now living in an era where healthy food is as scarce as they come. Sharing a yard with a neighbor where both of you can plant a vegetable garden is a great way of not only having a good source of healthy food but also in boosting up your relationship with your neighbors.

One of the best ways to achieve community improvement is to promote better relationship among members of the community. Neighborhood-level activities can easily attain this objective as these activities promote a community where members can share with one another. As a good knife sharpening system brings about your sharpener to perfection, so will these activities lead to better socialization and a better attitude of sharing in your society.

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Are Mining Companies Really Detrimental to the Society?

Whether mining should be banned or not is something that is always a heated discussion among politicians.

When it comes to the legalization of mining, people have divided opinions. Even politicians can’t agree on it. There are those who think about the economic benefits of mining and so they are in favor of it. This is true especially if studies have proven that there is a huge mining potential in a particular area. However, there are also those who think that no matter how huge the money this industry brings forth, the environmental damage of the process is irreparable. This is why they are against it.

Advantages of the mining industry

Aside from the fact that this industry will give massive effects to the economy, it is also good for the locals. Those who live in the area will have a shot at a stable employment. Miners are usually paid a good rate and this is a good thing. They also receive bonuses depending on the amount harvested by the company. Even those who don’t have proper education can apply for any job in the company. Those who have good education can go for office related jobs in the company. This is why local politicians are usually happy if their area is said to be potent for minerals. They can get taxes out of these companies and they can also help their people get a good job. These industries also last for a very long time and so the job they can offer is really stable.  

The down sides

The sad thing about this industry is that once it fails, it can really affect everyone. It can even bring the entire place to a big problem. This is true especially if studies showed that there are potential mineral in the area, when in fact there are none. However, even if it succeeds and the industry has brought forth tons of money, it is also a problem in a sense that the damage has already been done to the environment. The mined area will then be abandoned and cannot be used anymore. Water sources will be affected and wildlife in the area will also be affected. This is why a lot of people, especially environmentalists, oppose the idea of a mining industry.

Where should you stand?

Well, you can just leave this idea to people who are in the industry. There are certain laws governing the mining industry. Thus, you have nothing to worry about even if the area is close to where you live. For now, the best thing that you can do is to enjoy what has already been mined and polished.

Find a company that offers the best gemstone and find one that fits you. It is also possible to check the items online. If you are still confused on How to Choose a Gemstone, you can read the Guide to help you choose a gemstone. In no time, you will have the best gemstone with you and you can show off to your friends. As long as you have the money to pay for gemstones, then you have nothing to worry about.

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Can psychics save the community?

Before you call me crazy, and ridicule this article; allow me a minute of your time to explain my theory. I used to think there was nothing to psychics. They were nothing more than a parlor trick, a scam concocted by gypsies at the local fair. While there is some truth in all of this, I recently read scientific paper that convinced me to take the whole psychic world a little more seriously.

One of the biggest problems facing our society right now is unhappiness and depression. For a society that has it all, we don’t seem to act like it. The number of reported people with severe depression continues to climb rapidly. On top of that, suicide cases are increasing every single year, which is equally worrying. Reading about all these worrying developments in our ever so delicate community, made me wonder whether there is an answer, or at least a solution to stop the continuing growth of unhappiness and depression we’re all struggling with.

In my opinion, if we can reduce depression, we can increase education, productivity, while lowering the crime rate. This is just a theory on my part, but regardless, there is plenty of professional research which support these theories. The real debate however resides with how to solve the problem of growing depression, not with whether there is indeed a problem.

The obvious solution is psychiatrists. While psychiatrists do a great job, usually by the time a patient gets to see a psychiatrists, it’s already too late. It’s certainly not economically viable to allow every single person in our community to talk to a psychiatrist whenever they please. The costs are just too high. However, after reading the aforementioned scientific paper on the benefits of psychic medium, I came up with a potential brilliant idea. We could promote the use of calling psychic advisers in time of trouble.

Before I go any further, let me clarify the exact definition of a psychic. I’m certainly not referring to the people that claim to talk with the “other side”. Talking to deceased individuals, if it were possible, would not solve our problems. I am referring to psychics who have a better spiritual sense of the world, and have a higher level of intuition about emotional issues than most of us.

As a test, I spoke with a psychic about a personal relationship issue I was encountering. Instead of dealing with it myself as I normally did, and risking depression, I went out and talked to someone. The results were so good, I felt the urge to share the results in this article. With the full knowledge of being ridiculed. I did some research online and found a highly rated California Psychics network.

If you’d like to know more, you can follow the latest developments on a psychic Delicious page which reviews the best services.

This idea of course requires a lot more research, but I am confident that this can reduce the depression levels in our community and boost happiness. That makes it worth a try in my humble opinion.

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Be a Lawyer Who Can Make a Positive Difference

There are a lot of good lawyers out there, and you can be one of them.

A lot of people wanted to become lawyers. However, there are also a lot of people who have a negative perception about lawyers. They think that lawyers hide the truth instead of helping expose it. Lawyers are just there to support their clients and stay by their side no matter what happens. However, the truth is that good lawyers can actually make a difference. They can always help in bringing forth justice if they only do the right thing. Thus, if you have always dreamt of becoming a lawyer, then don’t hesitate to make that dream a reality.

Helping the oppressed

There are a lot of poor and oppressed people who get no justice until today simply because they don’t have people who can stand by them and defend them in court. Thus, it is your responsibility to extend your help to them if you already have the power to do so. You don’t have to be a lawyer for the sake of money. You can always do pro bono cases and help those who are really in need. Besides, with just a few paying clients on your list, you will have enough earning already.

If you wish to be a corporate lawyer, go ahead and be one. However, you must not partner with companies that are not totally obedient to the law. You can look for companies that you trust and you think deserve your service. Yes, corporate lawyers really earn a lot. You can take a look at a corporate lawyer salary from this site. However, if you just close your eyes to the figure, you will then realize that defending a multimillion company is not always the right thing to do.

Make a difference

For every oppressed person whom you defend in court, you give hope to the rest of the world. You let them know that there is someone like you who will always stand by the truth no matter what happens. You should also continue working on various advocacies such as environmental protection, injustice for the poor, lack of quality education and the like. Yes, you might only help a few people, but you have at least done something to make their lives better. You will then realize just how much your help has gone if these people whom you have helped start to give back their society as well.

Being a good lawyer

Yes, there is some truth about lawyers as liars. However, you don’t have to be one of them. You can always choose to be on the side of justice. Don’t just think about how much you will earn, but on how much you will give back. There are not so many people pursuing law as a career. Since you are already in this field, you have the responsibility to uphold the truth and serve as an example.

If you think you can’t be lawyer, you can choose other careers. You can go for customer service positions, and it is still a form of helping others. In fact, you can train via McDonald’s LMS at and be able to work for the company.

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How to Start a Community Garden

Starting a community garden is a beneficial way to improve access to healthy food, get exercise, and teach children how food comes to their plate. There are specific steps you will need to take before starting one, but the fun, relaxation and community spirit are more than worth the effort of setting up your garden.

1. Create a Planning Group

Before you start getting your hands dirty, you should set up a series of meetings with interested parties. Do you have the skills to set up a garden? Should you contact a Master Gardener for members to learn the ropes of gardening? What types of plants are members interested in growing? Some community gardens will sell produce or flowers cooperatively, while others will donate to the homeless or needy families in your area. Creating a planning group will allow you to set objectives and ensure all members are on the same page. It will also allow you to seek out any additional resources that may not be present among group members.

To ensure clarity, a written garden contract could be implemented, along with membership fees, so that all members are motivated to contribute to the garden.

2. Obtain Land and Permits for Your Community Garden

Certain locations require permits for gardens larger than backyard plots. Additionally, some locations will not allow community gardens to be set up. Others may require permits, and approval from neighborhood organization. Besides checking on whether your area is zoned for a garden, it can also help you interface with local council-people, who may be able to write a new law, or change old codes if they were focused on traditional commercial farming. There also may be water use or environmental restrictions, and knowing these will allow you to pick plant species appropriate to your climate and area.

3. Do a Community Garden Assessment

Once you are aware of your local regulations regarding community gardens, you can conduct a needs assessment. While your specific needs may vary based on your location, few questions that should be a starting point for your community garden include:

  • Which plant species will you grow?
  • What type of soil does your garden have? Is this soil appropriate for the plant species selected?
  • Will you have raised beds, irrigation, greenhouses or other modifications to the land?
  • Who will be allowed to work in the community garden? Will people outside of the local area be allowed to participate? Are families welcome as well as individuals?
  • If natural soil will be used, are there sufficient nutrients and helpful fauna for the plants to succeed?
  • Will fertilizer and/or other treatments be used on site?
  • If pests like squirrels invade the garden, does someone in the group have the knowledge to eliminate the squirrels?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help your planning group to form a knowledge base that will help you to the estimate costs and time necessary to set up your community garden.

4. Purchase Land, Seeds, and Garden Equipment

Once your community assessment is finished, it is time to purchase seeds, and any other required resources such as land, lawn equipment, or to schedule lectures by master gardeners.

5. Start Gardening

Congratulations! Learning to garden is a lifelong hobby but you are well on your way to having a bountiful harvest of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, and stunning flower blossoms. Good luck!

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Can Tiny Houses Improve Your Community?

After the financial meltdown and mortgage problems of 2008 the so-called “tiny house movement” started to boom – when one thing busts it always seems that another booms, doesn’t it? Here I’d like to share a few thought on the benefits and/or drawbacks of this movement. What adjustments to our communities in terms of zoning codes, infrastructure, social life will likely need to be dealt with. Will greater density that comes with having “carriage houses” and “in-law suites” be a boon to our local environment or a problem, or a bit of both?

Tiny houses understandably started to get more attention when mortgage foreclosures started to take peoples homes out from under them. It became even more attractive to not have a mortgage at all when banks began to take homes. The attraction of having a home bought and paid for with no mortgage and no one with a lien on your property is huge. However, singles and couples who are pioneers in this style of life are finding some resistance. While the low-cost lifestyle is great for the tiny house owner it is not always easy to find a place to park and live in the area you want. It can be plain illegal to park a small portable house in some places. What about electricity, too? Having your electric pressure cooker simmering away and your TV going takes power and that doesn’t come free. There will need to be adjustments to the grid if every block has several more small homes on it. Another consideration is storage. Many tiny house owners have more things than can be comfortably or easily stored in a less-than-200-square-foot house. Where to put that surfboard, for instance? Maybe an inflatable paddleboard would be a better idea as its deflated size can be kept in a small space. The point being that encouraging property owners and local politicians to consider all aspects of having another dwelling sharing a lot and things like storage and electricity and insurance is an important part of adjusting to the tiny house movement.

Right now most state and municipal zoning laws don’t favor the addition of a tiny house. In fact many towns and cities don’t allow tiny houses to stand alone on a lot; a house usually must be at least five hundred square feet or it is illegal! As usual laws are geared to spending more and using more. There is no practical reason that a tiny house shouldn’t be allowed to stand by itself on a lot. One of the first things that obviously needs to change. It is for that reason that many people who build a tiny house do so on a trailer, that way it can be called an RV. However, the problem with RVs is that they can’t be parked on a property and lived in full time. So, legally and according to zoning laws tiny houses are in a little bit of a limbo as you’d kind of expect with something on the revolutionary side. Many tiny house dwellers are living in their houses constantly worrying about the bylaw enforcement officer having a bad day and asking them to pick up and leave town…

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Avoiding Blood Diamonds

How many of you have seen the film Blood Diamond? You probably left the film thinking ‘That’s an awful situation’, and then promptly forgot about the issue in a few short hours. But the problem of blood diamonds is an ongoing one, despite concerted efforts to fight it (mainly by international organizations like the UN or charities like Global Witness).

Solving the problem of conflict diamonds is a complex and difficult one, but it’s a problem that definitely needs to be solved. According to National Geographic, more than four million deaths can be linked to conflict diamonds. These diamonds have funded wars in Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). To this day, these diamonds are responsible for propping up the finances of warlords in the Ivory Coast and other countries in Africa.

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme was approved by the UN in 2002 – this scheme was created to try and curb the trade of conflict diamonds as well as help stabilize the affected regions. While it has helped to some extent, many people feel that this scheme has failed to effectively curtail the flow of blood diamonds – rather, it has given those who sell the diamonds a way to sell them legally. Because corruption is rife in many of these countries, it is apparently not difficult for a producer of conflict diamonds to bribe an official in order to secure the paperwork necessary for KPCS certification. Once the diamonds are certified, they can then be legally sold. That’s why, even today, you can’t ever really tell if a diamond is truly conflict free or not.

So, how do we solve this problem? The truth is, this is a problem of economics – as long as there is a high demand for diamonds, the criminals and warlords who are in the places where diamonds can be mined will be able to profit by supplying for this demand.

The real way to curb the trade in conflict diamonds is to lower the demand – and each one of us can help achieve this goal as consumers. The next time you’re buying a piece of jewelry for a loved one – rather than choosing a diamond, go with another type of gemstone. Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires are all popular choices. While nobody can say for sure that colored gemstones don’t come from conflict zones, it’s much less likely that you’ll end up with a ‘blood emerald’ than a blood diamond. This is due to simple economics – most of the more valuable colored gemstones are in fact rarer than diamonds, and at the same time cost less – this basically means that the warlords who’re peddling blood diamonds have much less incentive to do the same with other gemstones, because their profit margins will be lower. Also, because the colored gemstones are often rarer than diamonds, they come from far fewer sources – and hence are typically easier to trace back to their origins. Historically, there are also far fewer examples of colored gemstones being used to fund conflicts.

Many socially conscious people are switching away from diamonds to colored gemstones. Not only are they probably more ethical, they’re also typically more affordable, and there’s a much greater variety available. If you’re looking to buy jewelry for a loved one or if you’re planning to pop the big question and you need a ring, I implore you to forgo the ‘traditional’ (and frankly, boring) option and go with something more exotic, more exciting, and more ethical. If you’re not sure how to choose, you can use this site as a guide. They cover gemstones by color and group, and there’s also a handy infographic with a lot of more unique options.

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Free Gym Memberships for Anyone Under 21-Years-Old

During the election period the government often releases new concepts to the public in order to get feedback, and the long-term strategy is to get more votes in the next election.

The way this process works is a party member will draft a concept that is aimed at giving the public something beneficial if they vote to keep the current party in power. Once the party’s position is secured, they then tend to drop the concept and give an excuse that it wasn’t viable or funding for the project has now been spent on another more-important priority.

In light of this, I have recently been searching the Internet to see what concepts were published that never received funding, but should be looked at again or at least taken more seriously. One such idea is free gym memberships for people in the community under the age of 21.

I feel this concept has been overlooked and, if implemented, could offer a range of positive benefits not only to the youth, but also the entire community. A number of knock-on effects happen when the youth of a community doesn’t have a purpose, and I will use my own community as an example.

During the time period 1999 to 2004

Crimes committed by someone under the age of 21
Vandalism 19%
Car theft 6%
Burglary 11%
Muggings 5%
Drug crime 21%

Drug addiction rates by someone under the age of 21

Heroin 1%
Cocaine 4%
Marijuana 12%
Amphetamines 2%

Crime and Drug related deaths by someone under the age of 21

5 people/children

During the time period 2005 to 2010

Crimes committed by someone under the age of 21
Vandalism 41%
Car theft 32%
Burglary 12%
Muggings 8%
Drug crime 28%

Drug addiction rates by someone under the age of 21

Heroin 1%
Cocaine 4%
Marijuana 37%
Amphetamines 21%

Crime and Drug related deaths by someone under the age of 21

15 people/children

In 1997 the same area had similar stats to 2010: high crime, drug issues and the crime/drug related deaths where even worse, at 56. The government at the time decided to build four community centers with free memberships for anyone under the age of 21.

As you can see, there was a dramatic difference in the stats only two years later, with crime and drug rates at an all-time low. No one thought it was anything to do with the community centers. All the credit was given to the police.

In 2004 three of the community centers lost funding and closed. In 2006 the last center closed and the statistics started to rise again.

The heart of the community center was fitness and sports, including a gym, weight lifting equipment, spa, AstroTurf, game room, community hall, dance studio and recreation area. The government doesn’t need to build new community centers, but the benefits of paying for anyone under the age of 21 to have access to a gym, fitness center or a sports facility would save money in the community in the long term.

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Will New York Legalize Recreational Marijuana Before The End Of 2015

Is it possible, Legal Marijuana in NYC? is this money talking?

The next legislative meeting should be interesting. New York State Senator Liz Krueger (D) is planning to reintroduce the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. A bill that seeks to legalize for general use through out the state. She is hoping to jump in while the recent medical marijuana laws are still hot.

Krueger has been a representative for Manhattan for over a decade. She has also added and help pass many laws that have gradually changed NY’s cold hearted business mentality. Driving laws into a more compassionate area.

Her bill will be molded mainly on Colorado’s and Washington’s recent legalization laws. A push for regulation and taxation can only benefit the states interests and improve our economy. Not only will NY start to see the boosts in tax revenue but also an expected drop in crime. A lot of New Yorkers are getting fined or locked up for an other wise non violent crime.

This is costing the states hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It is also ruining the lives of those incarcerated. Creating a criminal record for individuals that have no prior arrests and no malicious intents. If NY can’t change, it will end up engulfing its self with in its own criminal system.

We can see that NY is slowly drifting towards legalization. With the passing of medical marijuana and the very recent decriminalization of 25grams or less of pot. Fully legalizing MJ for recreational use may still be a big jump for most New Yorker’s, but Krueger thinks they are ready, and she might be right.

Unfortunately NY is not a “referendum” state. A referendum state means that if a measure gets past through the legislature and then becomes law. It will almost immediately become effective, with out the required votes from New Yorkers. So the case here may be dragged out, if it makes it through the legislation, The other thing is that only 50.1 percent of voters are needed to pass the bill. A past poll of those for the legalization of pot was over 70 percent , making this a shoe in.

A study conducted in 2013 revealed that somewhere around 12.5 percent of NY residents have smoked weed illegal. That’s 1 out of every 8 and since the population is over 8 million that makes about 1 million. That’s a ton of tax dollars that could have done the state some good. NYC can’t afford not to get on the legalization band wagon, most of the population is already engaging in marijuana use and exchanging cash. Why can’t the state get a piece.

There is also the benefit of removing the criminal element. No longer will the money be used to finance illegal activity and drug trafficker. It may also increase the employment rate. If we were to use Colorado as an example. We would see a massive jump from this new industry.

A poll taken by, a site that rates and promotes drug detoxifying drinks, pills and methods. Has uncovered a real underground community of not only NY residents but Americans in general that hide their pot use. Theses individuals have hid their tracks with these products for years. Maybe its time they get out the closet.

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Free Health Care? Good or Bad?

Let me begin by saying that this article is only my opinion. I understand that this is a touchy subject for many, and something of a political football that has been being kicked around for the last few years. It’s surprising to me sometimes, once ideas get caught in the spotlight of the US political system, all the stakes get so high, and often much of the thoughtfulness and reason that should go into an informed, mature debate go right out the window. This has certainly been the case with the Affordable Care Act and the website. So if free health care the right of the people and the duty or the state, or is it simply another way big government can creep into our lives and trick more people into state reliance?

Well, I am going to argue that it is the former. I believe it is the duty of the government to protect and look after its people. We are living in a time of unparalled inequality and there are so many across this land living in poverty, or in the ever-expanding section known as ‘the working poor’. Too many people work hard every day of their lives for years, just to have it all blown away by medical bills. There are countless, heartbreaking stories of this.

To get an idea of what free health care might look like in a western country, we need look no further than our politer cousins across the sea in the United Kingdom. Interestingly enough, they are having a similar debate in their country at the moment, as the government is being accused of stealthily trying to privatise their national health service (NHS) piece by piece. But for the time being, there is still a health service that is mostly free at point of service. Currently these reforms do not apply to Scotland, so we may get a purer idea of what we are looking for there. Everyone, regardless of wealth, religion, gender, sexuality, disability or anything is entitled to free medical care (Health Scotland) and free dental care (Dentist Edinburgh). Speak to any American ex-pat living in the UK who has gone through any serious health issue and they will tell you they got the best possible treatment, free of charge – treatment that would have bankrupt them for life if they lived in the US, and happened to have no insurance at the time they fell ill.

And yet there is around half of the country who are dead opposed to free health care in the US. One of the big arguments against it is that it will cost the state too much. It is important to note that the system being introduced in America is very different to the UK option, rather than free health care people are being offered affordable health insurance that is still often administered by private companies, but some of the overarching values are the same. But the truth is that the Affordable Care Act is reducing national health care costs. Read here for more!

Anyway, these are just one man’s initial thoughts on affordable health care. Enough to start a debate I hope, so please add your comments below!

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