Eradicate Unemployment With Tax Breaks

It always astounds me the amount of people unable to find work no matter how well the economy is performing, there are people who have not been employed for years even during the good times, it seems a shame as they are perfectly fit and able to work and I presume they do want to work! At this moment in time the employment rate is pretty average 5.9% a lot better than a few years ago when it peaked at 10.7 but right now we are talking around 7 million Americans not working.

reduce unemployment

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Better Local Healthcare Options for the Elderly

Healthcare in the USA is now at a record price and there are no signs that it will become more cost effective anytime soon, the USA healthcare system is more complex than ever now we have obamacare added to the mix but it’s a good system if you compare it to other types of healthcare around the world.

American healthcare is a one of the most advanced if not the most leading the way in many fields mainly because of it’s vast funding source and top class facility’s around the country not to mention the well established university’s producing high quality doctors, researches, scientist and nurses year in and year out.

help the agead

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Big Business Funding Smaller Businesses

Small to medium sized businesses have always been and will always be the big businesses of tomorrow you only need to look at the tech industry of the 1970’s – 1980’s with the once tiny start ups Apple and Microsoft, both now huge businesses in their own right providing a wide range of products and services to the entire world and making billions of dollars.

It’s not easy operating a small business in fact it one of the hardest things I have every done I believe it’s a big learning curve for anyone attempting to get an idea off the ground with little or no money but it shouldn’t be this way starting a business should be encouraged by governments not hindered like the reality of starting a small business today.

business funding

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Free Health Care? Good or Bad?

Let me begin by saying that this article is only my opinion. I understand that this is a touchy subject for many, and something of a political football that has been being kicked around for the last few years. It’s surprising to me sometimes, once ideas get caught in the spotlight of the US political system, all the stakes get so high, and often much of the thoughtfulness and reason that should go into an informed, mature debate go right out the window. This has certainly been the case with the Affordable Care Act and the website. So if free health care the right of the people and the duty or the state, or is it simply another way big government can creep into our lives and trick more people into state reliance?

Well, I am going to argue that it is the former. I believe it is the duty of the government to protect and look after its people. We are living in a time of unparalled inequality and there are so many across this land living in poverty, or in the ever-expanding section known as ‘the working poor’. Too many people work hard every day of their lives for years, just to have it all blown away by medical bills. There are countless, heartbreaking stories of this.

To get an idea of what free health care might look like in a western country, we need look no further than our politer cousins across the sea in the United Kingdom. Interestingly enough, they are having a similar debate in their country at the moment, as the government is being accused of stealthily trying to privatise their national health service (NHS) piece by piece. But for the time being, there is still a health service that is mostly free at point of service. Currently these reforms do not apply to Scotland, so we may get a purer idea of what we are looking for there. Everyone, regardless of wealth, religion, gender, sexuality, disability or anything is entitled to free medical care (Health Scotland) and free dental care (Dentist Edinburgh). Speak to any American ex-pat living in the UK who has gone through any serious health issue and they will tell you they got the best possible treatment, free of charge – treatment that would have bankrupt them for life if they lived in the US, and happened to have no insurance at the time they fell ill.

And yet there is around half of the country who are dead opposed to free health care in the US. One of the big arguments against it is that it will cost the state too much. It is important to note that the system being introduced in America is very different to the UK option, rather than free health care people are being offered affordable health insurance that is still often administered by private companies, but some of the overarching values are the same. But the truth is that the Affordable Care Act is reducing national health care costs. Read here for more!

Anyway, these are just one man’s initial thoughts on affordable health care. Enough to start a debate I hope, so please add your comments below!

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Family Fun 5 Mile Charity Walk

We regularly post about news from around our community and on many occasions the message is not so great with various reasons for people suffering. For today’s post I would like to change the tune a little and tell you about my experience with one of this year’s most successful charity events that raised huge sums of money for the most in need.

I first heard about the event back in April when one of the homeless shelters and soup kitchen’s got together to organize it. They knew that the winter months are always the most challenging for those without shelter and from a psychological point of view the Christmas holiday period is very tough.

Tom and Samantha basically wanted to create an event that would raise money but also awareness in the community about a group of people that largely go unnoticed and uncared for. They brought their idea to local politicians and considering the small amount of investment it was immediately accepted.

The idea was a family fun day where everyone in the community was invited on a 5 mile walk. The important part was that this would not be in the warm summer months but rather during the onset of winter. The message was simple. Walking 5 miles in freezing conditions is simple; now imagine this is your life.

The turnout and support from the community was immense. Local politicians had organized support from the police and fire departments and our beloved park became the start and finishing point. Hundreds of people turned up registered and unregistered with tens of thousands of Dollars raised. The money raised was enough to keep the shelter and soup kitchen running into spring time, which they haven’t been able to achieve for many years.

To give you an idea of the dedication of the people in this great community, I saw entire families including my dear neighbors with their 6 month old twins. They managed to come thanks to the best double stroller I have ever seen. And they were not the only ones with children and baby strollers. Dozens of families turned up with their kids for a whole day out to meet old and new friends.

Sports teams turned up in full gear with their supporting cheer leaders making it a spectacle of an event, despite the freezing conditions. It was also a great boost to the many local businesses that made sure that hot and cold refreshments were at hand and plenty of food available too.

I have to give all credit to the two organizers and all the supporting services and donations. Through simple communication and cooperation between charities, local businesses and the town council a great event was set up that will hopefully be repeated for years to come. And the best part is that it made charitable giving a pleasurable affair with nobody being hassled into donating. It just simply happened. And those unfortunate to be without shelter this winter will be able to enjoy some level of comfort and support.

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Housing Infrastructure Advances Brings Communities into New Millennium

Infrastructures in general are systems that support local communities, regions or even countries. They can include water and sewer systems, rail networks and roads, power and gas grids. In this article we are looking deeper into the local infrastructure and how advancements in plumbing can help local communities flourish.

In general the infrastructure of the US has room for improvement. If we follow the adage given us by Hillary Clinton, taken from an African proverb, “it takes a village” we know that small steps do indeed lead to large accomplishments. Some of these small steps are improvements to the way homes are built in the systems of Habitat for Humanity and the local housing authorities. Generally, these low cost homes are specifically built for low to no income families, the elderly, or disabled. These homes are meant to supply a person’s basic needs and for the most part this is done very well.

Some improvements to the way these homes are built could help with not only health issues but also environmental issues. If we only look at one system for example, water systems, there are many ways to improve people’s quality of life and improve the community as a whole.
Installing energy efficient appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines is a great start. Energy efficient tankless water heaters can save both water and energy, making them a valuable asset for any home that is on a fixed budget. Tankless heaters save energy by only heating water when a tap is turned on, they last longer than tank heaters and when they are disposed of they take up far less space in our dumps than tank heaters do.

Another bit of equipment that many homes could benefit from is a water softener. They pull harmful minerals out of the water supply. These minerals can decrease the life span of hot water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines by clogging up the water lines over time with a hard build-up of calcium and magnesium. These minerals are also hard on the clothes, skin and hair. It is easy to research some of the advantages of water softeners by reading articles and reviews available online.

Furthermore, by adding a reverse osmosis water filter system to homes we will provide health benefits to the people living there. RO units use a series of filters to remove harmful contaminants from the water supply. Many homes have poor water, whether it is from a well or from a municipal system. Most water today is not pure and could benefit from additional filtration. Reverse Osmosis units are relatively inexpensive to install and work via gravity so they are easy to keep running, requiring only occasional filter changes to keep them in top condition. Most RO units work the same so learning about which brands are best is key to installing a quality unit on the front end.

As you can see there are many small upgrades that could be done to improve a community’s quality of life as well as improve the quality of the infrastructure on a much more localized level.

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Importance of Sport for Countries and Families

Sport has for a long time, been the bond that has united families, communities, and even countries. The benefits of any sport far outweigh any negative effects that come about as a result of the same. As a matter of fact, there are some sports from which only benefits can be reaped. We need sport, to draw out in us the spirit of patriotism, the feeling of pride in our country or communities. What else, can cause an entire country to rally behind one individual and cheer them as they cross the finish line in a Marathon, or what else makes millions of citizens jump up in elation as their celebrated sports men are awarded gold, silver or bronze medals.

Quite frankly, sport is at the core of this country. It is the building block of any-and every- country. It is what brings together countries-as is evident in multi-national competitions. Humans are humans. We thrive on competition. We want to be better than everyone out there. We want to be better than we were yesterday. And this is exemplified best in sport. How else would you explain the jogger trying to beat the time they made yesterday, or the little leagues teams who-despite not completely knowing how to play the game-will try their best to at least be better than the opposing team.

So if sport manages to bring together countries and entire communities that would otherwise have nothing in common, imagine what it would do to a family. Quite frankly, a family that plays together stays together. Sports inadvertently make for a stronger family unit. When people play tag games, or form teams, there is a bond that develops. One which is usually strong and although it takes a while to develop, the results are simply beautiful. Time spent sporting as a family is usually time that can be seen as a time-out from things that are ailing the family in one way or the other. It would also help the family work out some of their issues. For example, a man and his wife who are having problems working as a team, could find how they work best in the play ground or sports arena, and proceed to take these changes into their relationship so that it becomes better and stronger-see, that bond I keep talking about.

Newer families or even the older ones can ease into sporting as a family by trying to jog with their babies. Parents can start jogging with children as young as eight months-these children would of course have to be in a jogging stroller until they can run on their own. Not only would this enable the parents to still keep fit-or start keeping fit. But it would provide them the unique opportunity to show the world to their children from a different view point. It then becomes easier for these children, who have been jogging with their parents since they were little, to develop a healthy lifestyle. It is really a habit that they could grow into. And it’s a pretty good one, if I do say so myself.

Sport is good, not only for this country, but as is clear, also for your family.

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